• Club sandwich served with fries
  • Tortilla soup
  • Corned beef sandwich

Bobby's Bar


Our Story

While being trained to be a bus boy 44 years ago at the Boulevard Inn Restaurant Lisbon Avenue, I was taught the importance of taking precious care of the customer and making that the number one goal. That ownership team knew what they were doing and every employee was on board to take pride in their jobs and to ensure each customer enjoyed a memorable experience. I then became a bartender to work my way through Marquette University and my love for being behind the bar began. Now serving breakfast on Saturday from 9 to 11:30 and Brunch on Sunday from 11 to 2pm

I also worked for one of the finest Irishmen Milwaukee has ever met; Danny O'Donoghue who along with his wife Helen has owned several Bars in the area. Danny and Helen taught me many valuable lessons, which I have held onto throughout my business career. Upon graduation I needed to make a choice; stay on a path to pursue my dream of being a bar owner or move into the corporate world.

It was the latter who began a 37-year sales career and the majority of those years working with outstanding educators throughout the County and Internationally. The beauty of sales is every day is different and you learn something new each day, but the best part of selling is the relationship building and establishing life - long friends with both colleagues and customers. Throughout these 37 years, I have held onto my dream and now because almost all of my friends are sick of hearing me talk about buying a bar, I am just making that happen.

That restaurant/bar service career which began on Lisbon Avenue in Milwaukee will put me on Lisbon Road in Brookfield. I am acting on that dream today.

Slim has built a solid foundation and I will build upon his success with continued great food, drinks, and outstanding customer service. It is the only way I know how to treat people and do business. While the name has changed to Bobby's Bar Great Place Good Times: several of your favorite food items remain but we will be introducing some new future favorites and expanding business hours to be open every day for lunch and dinner. In addition to the Sunday Brunch, it is the plan to open for breakfast Friday and Saturday.

Another dream was to make this business a Children's Charity Bar and Bobby's Great Place Good Times will be caring for kids every day. Daily donations will go directly to the designated Children's Charity of the Week or special event. These initially designated Children's Charities: Ronald McDonald House of Eastern Wisconsin, Children's Wisconsin, Make a Wish, and JDRF. 5% of daily sales.

Being the youngest of 12 children with many relatives, my only disappointment is that I will not be able to hold the yearly Meuler Family reunion at Bobby's Bar Great Place Good Times due to the current capacity.

I will however be able to host old friends and new friends every day. Ein Prosit!